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Thread: How serious is this?

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    How serious is this?

    My 17 pound Westie poodle mix has one eye that is starting to swell shut. DH and I noticed it a half hour ago or so. No other symptoms--the swollen area doesn't seem to be tender and I can't see bite marks or anything. Wesley is letting us cuddle him and put a mini ice pack on it to try and bring down the swelling.

    If it looks worse tomorrow or he acts in any way other than himself I was planning on taking him in but should I be more concerned?
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    Let's be honest; Okinawa is not Japan.

    My cat is doing the same thing! He's staying with my parents for a couple months, and my mom said his left eyelid is droopy, but he's acting totally normal. I'm interested in this answer too.
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    seasonal allergies?
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    I would take him in if it's not at least getting better by this evening/tomorrow morning, but as long as everything else is normal, I personally would not be rushing to the vet. If it's accompanied with pain or a lot of discharge or something then I would probably take him in sooner.
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    I would put a ice pack on it and when it is not better by tomorrow morning I would go to the vet. could be allergies but also could be something else. You said he is not in pain and is acting normally so like post before I would not rash and wait till tomorrow morning
    Getting used to the new lifestyle far away from home and leaving my fear behind each day a little more.
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    It sounds like a bug bite or allergies to me. My cat got bit by some sort of bug and her eye area started to swell. It went down within a couple of days. Hope pup gets better soon!
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    I wouldn't worry just yet. You say it just happened so it could just be some sort of allergy, possibly from outside. My dogs occasionally get this, it's not even a regular thing it's weird. Sometimes it happens when we walk them on a trail away from our house. Sometimes not. Sometimes randomly when they've been outside. It manifests differently in each dog; my female's eyes get swollen, and my male's ears get swollen. Freaked me out the first time it happened but it went away in about 24-36 hours. If it isn't at least improving by tonight I'd take him in tomorrow.

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