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Thread: First Shots

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    First Shots

    Gunner and Layla had their first shots today! I don't think either even noticed that they were getting them.....but I sure did. I never walk them on their leashes cus they are so good off them, so I think they were super confused about why they were restricted. So course there were 5 other dogs in the waiting area, and Gunner wanted to play with all of them, and was pulling me around with his 70 lb self, and Layla was terrified of everything and trying to hide behind's really hard to control 100 lbs of dog going in 2 different directions when you're a 5' tiny woman Anyway, yay shots!
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    haha I know Im just 5'3 myself. lucky my pooch is just a 27 lbs monster
    I dont think they did, Pepe never noticed them the only shot he noticed was the anesthesia
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