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Thread: positive vibes for my little Molly please

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    positive vibes for my little Molly please

    I dropped Molly off to be spayed this morning! They just called me and told me she has quite a bit of diarrhea. she was fine this morning, so I think she is just stressed out. She HATES being crated at home, so I can only imagine it's stressing her out a million times more at the vet. On top of that, she hates being away from me. She is probably scared. My poor baby! I just want this day to be over with so I can pick her up and take care of her at home!
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    Sending her a ton of I was so worried about Teddy when I got him snipped, but he was perfectly fine by the time he got home. I hope you and Molly have an easy recovery!

    I Eelizah
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    It is SO stressful to leave them somewhere. When we dropped Sherlock off to get neutered we didn't even go home, we just sat at a coffee shop 10 minutes away because I wanted to pick him up ASAP. She will be ok
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    Poor girl! Hope she has an easy recovery!

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