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Thread: And humans think co-parenting is hard.......

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    And humans think co-parenting is hard.......

    So, as expected (given the tank mates and the fact it was their first attempt) the previous spawn by DS's angel fish did not succeed - Mr. Awesome, his foot+ long pleco, had a lovely caviar dinner after lights out that first night. Anyway, I got things juggled around so that DS could set them up in a spawning tank all of their own. We moved them a week ago, four days after moving in they got busy and for the last three days we've been watching their latest batch of eggs.

    They started with somewhere in the neighborhood of 150-200 eggs
    First hurdle - good eggs! Only a few went white (unfertilized). This was taken about 36 hours in - parents had already started removing some of the eggs they deemed "bad"

    Which brings us to last night, when things got.........interesting
    The eggs are at the point where they will hatch and become "wrigglers" (semi-formed baby fish that are attached to the egg anchor for a few more days before they become swimmers) - you can actually see the little eyes in the egg case and they are starting to shake and wobble, but aren't quite *there* yet as far as making the change to a wriggler. Eggs and babies are sticky up until they are swimmers - the parents are able to pick them up and move them wherever they please, spitting them out in the new location so they stick to whatever surface they are putting them on. Well, apparently Mrs. Angel feels this is a good time to move to a new house - she has been tirelessly moving them from the glass and spitting them onto a piece of driftwood in the tank.

    Mr. Angel, though, is going along right behind her and moving them back to the glass - poor "kids" have got to be getting dizzy (not to mention some that don't land on their sticky end when they are spit out and are lost forever in the gravel below - last estimate we have probably 100 eggs left. Hopefully by the time we get home tonight we'll have a bunch of eggs with tails and their parents will have come to an agreement on how to parent their new family.
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    mmmm caviar.
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