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Thread: Crazy Cat Lady - Part 2

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    Crazy Cat Lady - Part 2

    Ok, so I know most probably won't understand this... But I've been showing my cat in the premiership class since June of last year. And this past weekend, he granded! Which is a huge deal in the cat fanciers when a cat "grands".

    But the breeder who has been mentoring me, I told her after I grand my cat I want to start keeping an eye out for a female to show as a kitten and eventually breed.

    Well, she told me she has a kitten that she was planning on keeping but she has her "limit" of cats she wants to keep so she would be thrilled if I could take the kitten for breeding/showing.

    Soooooo.... My 12 year goal of getting into breeding/showing cats is finally going to come true! And with any luck, next year I will have kittens!

    I'm so excited... And am so glad I have found a great network of reputable breeders to help mentor me in this process!
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