He just got his teeth cleaned by the vet 6 months ago. I was planning on making another cleaning appointment this month. I give him dental treats regularly and brush his teeth like 3 times a week. He's very squirmy when we brush, so when I do brush the back, I don't get a good look at it.

Tonight he has been licking his mouth and opening and closing like he's chewing so I put my hands in there to see if I should be pulling something out and low and behold - big old black spot on the back tooth! I don't understand how I didn't notice this. He hasn't been acting any differently. He eats more slowly than Ghost the past month or so but he is still gobbling his food up pretty damn quick. I just don't get how we missed it. He eats ice cubes all the time and never gives any indication that it's hurting him to crunch away!

Obviously, I'm calling the vet in the morning and getting him right in for a cleaning and an extraction/whatever else is required. I suppose we will have to start getting his teeth cleaned every 3 months instead of every 6 from now on? Gonna be about $250 every time we get it done so that sucks, but he's worth it.

I wish he would stop doing the opening/closing and licking thing. I'm glad he started because that's how we noticed the problem, but he has never done it before and it's getting annoying. My poor baby, it's not his fault he's uncomfortable I hope by some miracle the vet can take him tomorrow and do the dental work Wednesday. I don't want him to be in pain