We've had Eunice for about a year and a half now I believe and shes been doing great..up until recently She has it out for me She will purposely jump on my face while I'm lying down and jump right off..I have scratches all over my body from her doing this, including one on my face right now. The other night I got a sharp pain in my tummy so I kind of held it with both of my hands..what does she do? She runs and jumps onto that same spot on holding, it seriously made me double over on the floor from all the pain. When I'm walking and if im wearing jammie pants or yoga pants she will step on the bottoms and almost make me fall

I know this sounds crazy but I feel like she seriously has it out for me I worry so much about what we have kids or I get pregnant...There can be like a 5ft gap between myself and the wall and she will legit run full force through my legs for no reason

Idk what to do anymore shes never done this before..any suggestions?