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Thread: how did you know it was time?

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    how did you know it was time?

    to let your dog(s) have free range of the house when you leave? For those of you that do. With or without access to outdoors (doggie door). We currently use a doggie door to allow them to go outside and then block an area just inside the doggie door in the kitchen to allow them to come inside but not have full access to the rest of the house. It's sort of a pain in the ass to set up, wondering now that they are middle aged if maybe we could just close all the bedroom doors and allow them to have the whole house with doggie door.
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    Pretty much once my dogs were over the puppy stage (10 months - 1 year) and there were no accidents in the house at all we would start with small outings like down to the store or gas station for a few things and then just see how it goes. With our first dog we waited till he was 3-4 just because of our living situation and with our younger dog we started when she was a little over a year, which is when we discovered she likes to rip up blankets . We then would leave her out and put the blankets away. Slowly over time we would leave the blankets out with her in short bursts and now shes fine. I think it helps having two dogs, our older dog is a angel and she has picked up a lot of his habits.

    ETA - We only leave them alone for a max of 5-6 hours. If we for some reason are going to be gone longer than that we have our awesome neighbors let them out.
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    I slowly gave them a bigger space to be out. They went from being crated to being in a room with the door closed to being in a room with the door babygated to having the hallway to the rest of the house babygated to having the house.

    It definitely depends on your dog though, Rumple could be left alone and out at 9 months and wouldn't chew anything up but Scout jumped a babygate and dug a hole in my couch at 9 months. She couldn't really be left alone and out until almost 18 months.
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    I started to let Vera do it around 8 months, and then once when I was in the shower she ate the advil and almost died so she went back to the crate for another several months to a year. But after that, I just started testing her when I would leave for a short amount of time. We built up trust again She just turned four and has free reign of the house with zero issues, and it's been that way about a year and a half.
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    When we got our cocker spaniel she was already 3 1/2 to 4 and the humane society said she was house broken. In that house we only had throw rugs. No carpet. So I just shut the doors to those rooms. Within a couple weeks I was confident she was good.

    We're in our 3rd house since then and now have carpet everywhere but the kitchen and bathrooms. I don't bother with shutting doors. She goes wherever. The only accidents she has had we're either our fault in letting her out in time, she gave cues, or when she had a uti. Besides when she had her uti she has never had an accident while we were gone.

    She isn't left alone much. Usually it is just 2-3 hours. Sometimes it is 8-10 hours and those days she is ready to be left out right when we walk through the door so before we even set our stuff down she is let out.
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    I usually start with about an hour (basically the time it takes to drive to town and back from our house - so if I have to drop one of the kids off or something I'll give it a try) and if they pass that test we increase the time and the big test is being out for the whole day while we are at work/school. Z would rather die than go to the bathroom in the house (has been that way from almost day 1 - brought home as a pup and took to the house training thing right off), Jethro does great 99.9% of the time but has an occasional slip-up (took about a month from the time we brought him home, he was an adult dog when we adopted him) and Bogey can't be trusted at all so he is crated (adopted as an unaltered, untrained dog at 5+ years - he *could* be trained, but is DH's dog and DH just tolerates his crap rather than investing the time and effort into training -- but that's a whole other vent ).
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    I started letting him sleep outside of his crate at night, then once I left him in my room without his crate for maybe like an hour. I kept doing that for maybe like a week and then I left the door open so he had full range of the house for like maybe an hour. Then that was pretty much it. He hasn't been in his crate since cause he's a good boy. he was a little under 2 when we started that process but he likely would've been fine much earlier.
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    I wait till we don't have issues while we'er home, but with us living with a 5 year old I just play it safe and she's crated all the time now. I leave first in the morning and I could go through and pick up before i left, but I don't want to risk that after I leave things get pulled out again, so when DB leaves he crates her.

    At our place the last few months we were there she was out and free to roam, we just closed the bathroom door and made sure he trash was behind closed doors.
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    Our dogs would likely be fine but because our older dog has severe allergies we're to nervous that a slip up could make him really sick so they are in their own room. They have access to their crates and there's an old couch in there. Aside from DH and I taking the occasional day trip (8-10 hours) they are up there for tops 4-5 hours a day and have no issues.
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    With my current dog I will likely never allow him to stay out when are not here. He likes to play and get into things to much. He is also a breed that is known for getting bored easy(Shiba inu), and even when I am here playing with him. Where he gets long walks 2-4 times a day on my off days, and he gets to play on our screened in patio/inside. Plus, he gets petty breaks/little walks to go petty every couple hours he I am here. Yet he still will get into things if I even try to go get the mail, which takes all of 5 minutes, if he is alone in the house. (like he will find shoes to chew on, or he will try to play with the sofas pillows...)

    So yeah he will likely never be trusted to be loose in the house..
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