I've had one issue with Lady since we moved, she is constantly pooping in the 5 year old's bedroom. Here is how discovery usually goes. We 1st notice a urine stain on the carpet and then look in and notice and that she has tried to "hide" it behind the dresser/in front of the closet. The urine stains are too small to be hers, so we're thinking it's the cat, but we don't know who is marking first. We were really hoping the cat getting fixed would help this, because in my experience with Lady she only marks after another animal does.

I've only caught it fresh once, like still warm so I knew she had just done it, so I was able to discipline then, but I haven't gotten that "lucky" since. It's only in that room no where else. That carpet is going to have to be replace at the rate we're going, we've tried shutting the door but the room gets too hot and the air just doesn't circulate well upstairs.

I need help with both of them at this point, and also cleaning up the carpet.