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Thread: I Don't Know What To Do!!!!!

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    Bang Head I Don't Know What To Do!!!!!

    My puggle bunnie is almost a year old and chews up everything... I just left her alone in my room for 5 mins and come back to find she chewed up a pair of my jeans. How do I correct these behaviors? I'm at my wits end...
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    She can NEVER be unsupervised. Ever. Even for 5 minutes.

    I keep rawhides and chew toys puppy (who is a year and a half now) never chewed anything up and I really think it's because we had toys all over for him and he was either in our line of sight or in his crate.

    Good luck, dogs can be super frustrating,
    Put on your big girl panties and deal with it like a boss.

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    Well, first thing is first, you have to stop leaving her unsupervised even "just for a minute" - she is with you, in direct sight, at all times or safely secured in a crate/kennel where she is unable to reach ANYTHING that she is not allowed to chew on. The next step is to set her up for success by "chew proofing" her surroundings - meaning you don't leave ANYTHING within her reach (ie no more jeans outside of a drawer or hamper). The things that ARE accessible to her are TONS of things that she CAN chew on.
    From there it is a matter of replacement training when she does manage to get her mouth on something she shouldn't chew - trading the "no" for a "yes". Do not use easily confused things (ie old socks, old shoes, etc) for her chew items - this will be too confusing for her because "this shoe - but not that shoe" is too much to expect a problem chewer to grasp at this point.
    What sort of training approach do you use with her? Does she know "leave it"? When you do catch her with something she shouldn't have, what do you say and do? What is your dog's daily routine? How much stimulation (mental and physical) does she get daily?
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    I agree with the above. Our puppy is 11 weeks. She has never chewed up anything of ours. We leave those rawhide sticks everywhere that she loves and toys for her, and when we first got her and she went after something that wasn't hers, we quickly took it away, and replaced it with one of her toys/chews. She caught on within days and hasn't touched anything since.
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    Another thing to consider is that chewing can also be related to boredom ... if dogs have extra energy and don't have anything to do they will tend to find things to do. Increasing her exercise and mental stimulation, in combination with the other great advice you got, could be a big help too. There's a saying, "a tired dog is a good dog" and it is so true!

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