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Thread: Wet food for dogs?

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    Wet food for dogs?

    I've been wanting to feed Peeps wet food as a treat maybe once or twice a week, but I've heard it's terrible for dogs. I wasn't planning on giving her a full can and also mixing it with her dry food. Any thoughts on dogs and wet food?


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    I give wellness once in a while.
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    wet food isnt bad for them, just for their teeth since it sticks more and creates a tartar build-up faster, thats the only issue with it. Its fine.
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    I don't mind it as a treat. We do it about once or twice every year or two, mixed with dry. I am not sure about weekly, maybe someone else will have a better timeline for what is good or not.

    Also, other than the dog love those lamb rolls on the ends of the food isles. It's like not wet, but it's ...not dry. That is usually what I use, I think I've only bought an actual can like one time.
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    We can only do it as a treat now. We had been giving it to our dog too often and she started packing on the pounds! She's lost it since we went back to just dry food and watching her portions.
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    Bella has some dental issues so we normally don't give wet food, but sometimes as a treat I will let her split a can with Butters. Like maybe once every few months, for a really special occasion.

    I haven't heard about being any different than dry food except that it's not really good for their teeth though.
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    Denny gets wet food every now and then as a treat. When he does though iy is normally followed by a tooth brushing, and him chewing on a Greenies dental bone. Since I am very big on him keeping his teeth clean and breath fresh..
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    My little guy tends to have issues if we mix up his diet so I would maybe try just giving your dog a little bit and see how he does at first. I stay away from canned food and just give him some chicken or rice if I want to give him an extra treat
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    I would just be worried about her getting runny poop, but that's only because growing up, anytime there was a change in my dog's diet, she would get runny poop and have accidents inside for a few days. I don't know if all dogs are like that though or if it was just her... hahah
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    I give mine some cut up chicken sometimes but never wet food.
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