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Thread: Food Aggression.

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    Food Aggression.

    So, apparently the puppies LOVE the alpaca pellets we feed them.

    Every time my son brings the feed down the puppies go crazy barking and scaring the alpacas off and eat it all. My husband suggested we corral the dogs so the herd can eat. But in my opinion I think we need to STOP the behavior not just prevent it. Today I went down with him and held the dogs and stopped them from getting to the alpacas and the feed. Luckily the animals scarf down their entire meal in about 2 minutes. And once it's gone there are no issues at all.

    Any other thoughts? Ideas?
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    Teach them a "leave it" command. It is useful for lots of things they want to but aren't allowed to have.
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    Calm assertive energy to let them know that food isn't theirs with quick corrections (I do a finger snap or "hey") I can set my full dinner plate on the floor and my dogs won't touch it, I would use the same idea.

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