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Thread: Pets' Nicknames

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    Pets' Nicknames

    Do any of your pets have good nicknames?

    My female GSD goes by baby girl, fluffy, waffles, woofles, and fluffy von woofelstein (don't ask... I don't know what DH was thinking...)

    My male shelter special doesn't really have any good nicknames yet, except for little buddy.

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    My cat doesn't even have a name. We've tried several things, but nothing fits- she's just "Cat." Her previous owners called her Kitty Cat for five years... I guess they got it right! Sometimes I call her Her Majesty though.
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    Or Dim-Sum.
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    oh god my poor Daisy has a million.

    - daisy doodlebug
    - muffin
    - monkey
    - fatso
    - fat stuff
    - jerk
    - boo boo

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    Bella Blue and her nicknames are Bells, Blue and b*tch

    Cooper Jay and his nicknames are Coop, Poop and Pooperson

    (those are my two Blue Heelers)

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    My dog's real name is Nyx, but everyone calls her Peeps. She responds to both, but I mostly call her Peeps.

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    Lucy is Lucy bug or Lucy Mcgee and several choice names of the four letter variety. The cats are Cleo Money and Melon. Cleo is baby girl, the boys are sometimes called the great orange hunters.
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    I have a fair amount of animals (Living on a farm) so:
    Dog Scarlett: Scarleyboo, puppy
    Dog Jake: Jakey
    Cat Sylvester: Pickle,dumdum (Pickle is what he gets called by more than anything )
    Cat Sphynx: Kitten
    Cat Pumpkin: Spunchkin,munchkin
    Horse Midnight: Bubba
    Horse Flicka: Flicka-bic
    Horse Cheyenne: Chi (like "shy")
    Horse Cherokee: Cher (like "share"), baby

    Our poor animals never get called by their real names.

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    Ha --- DH claims he doesn't know why I even bother "naming" our animals because they get so many nicknames that they hardly ever hear their real names

    Where to start

    Aero (8 yo thoroughbred) - Jockey club name Lady Brave Heart (but didn't find that out until two years after we got her) - Bear-bear, Aero-b-sparrow, Bird, Purdy-Bird
    Yahzi (my little pinto mare) - Dahzer-doodle-doo, Short-round, Stumpy, Chubs, Dahz-dahz

    Jethro - my mutt - Bo-Bo Baggy Pants, Fo-bo, Leroy,
    Ziva - GSD - "Z", Zoo-zoo, Diva-doggy, Goofus, The Tail, Baby Girl
    Bogey - DH's pom - wussy-boy, Bogmeister, Booger

    Cats -
    Hugger - Bugga, Old Man, Grump, Buggabrains, Buggaboo,
    Mojo - Momo, Moo, Snowball, Moto-moto, The Jerk
    Jackie - JackJack, Sis, Killer, Monkey
    Salem - Saylay, Toothless (he has teeth, he just reminds us of the dragon from How to Train Your Dragon), Mushmallow, Handsome,
    Addison - Fattison, Fluffernut, Addipat, Zoonizoon, Fuzzbutt,
    Sheldon/Cosmo (we couldn't even pick a name for him ) - the thing, Taz, Lil' F, OUCH!, Sheldor the Destroyer, "Your cat" (I hear that a lot from DH - come get YOUR cat, guess what YOUR cat did, ), Gimly,
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    Lexi is either just Lexi or sometimes Lexi-Lou
    Dixie...well, right now her nickname is Coney (has a cone of shame on for 1.5 more weeks), and sometimes Little Bit. However, when she's done something she isn't supposed to I call her little-shit. (yes, I'm a mean fur-moma...I know she's still a puppy and learning, but geez I don't remember Lexi being this bad as a puppy.)
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