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Thread: Weight loss and no other symptoms

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    Weight loss and no other symptoms

    My 12 year old indoor only cat has been losing weight to the point that now I am getting alarmed.

    But he seems normal aside from everything, the weight loss is the only symptoms. He was about 7 1/2 lbs and has sort of always been slender, but now he has gotten down to 6 1/2. Our other cat (same breed) who is one year old weighed 8 lbs a few months ago and is now 10 lbs.

    Just not sure if this could be related to his age or what but he seems fine otherwise.
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    Get him in! It could be kidney failure. We just went through that and weight loss happens.
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    I would take him in and have a panel run to see if there are any problems with thyroid, diabetes or any number of other things. My vet recommended that when my cats became that age that they have a full "aging" work up done once a year at least to catch problems that older cats may have. One of my cats had diabetes and the another had a thyroid problem which we would not have known without the work up. TAKEN AT NISQUALLY WILDLIFE PRESERVE

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