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Thread: Update on Miss. Fluff Butt [IMGS]

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    Update on Miss. Fluff Butt [IMGS]

    This is an Update for this thread: Anyone have any ideas why my cat has a bald spot? *IMG* .

    Well I'm happy I took my cat in when I noticed the hair loss, because Kiwi had a "minor inner ear infection". So minor it was barely noticeable to the vet that looked in her ears, and it was fairly deep into her ear canal(I clean her ears regularly with stuff approved by her vet, and her ears never get dirty at all really anyways. So it's not a lack of cleaning them/lack of cleaning them properly.). The vet wasn't sure what caused the infection since there were no scratches, her ears look awesome otherwise, and over all she is perfectly healthy. I even approved of getting a fecal sample and a small blood sample just to rule out anything else. (I'm a paranoid fur mamma I guess, but every single time I've tried to just shrug things off in the past. Be it with, our dog, and my human kiddo. It's ALWAYS been more than it seemed to be..)

    Anyways, after some antibiotics Kiwi is getting her hair back around her ear, and the inner ear infection is 100% gone now!

    The picture on the left is what it looked like before, and the picture on the right is what it looks like right now.
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    Happy to hear it wasn't anything more serious and she is already on her way to recovery! TAKEN AT NISQUALLY WILDLIFE PRESERVE
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    So glad it was just an infection! You're a great fur-mama for making sure she got checked out!!

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