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Thread: Animal Chiropractic!

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    Animal Chiropractic!

    Oh my gosh. How cool this was!

    My good friend came to crash last night on her way across state for a conference and she just happens to be a Chiropractor. Not only did she adjust my husband and I, she worked on all 4 of our dogs! LOL. She by no means specializes in animals, but knows muscles and bones. And is an avid dog lover. She told me that I really need to keep an eye on BJ one of our Pyres puppies because he already has hip tightness/issues.

    I feel so good today, I've decided I need to go see her at least once a month or so. I asked her if I can bring the dogs with me! LOL. Anyone ever look into Animal Chiro?
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    We have had our horses adjusted - Both our girls have some issues (Aero from her time on the track and Yahzi from who knows what before she came to us) and it is amazing what a difference a good adjustment can make.
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    We had one look at our dog. However, when choosing a chiropractor for her, we went with a veterinarian that was also a chiropractor. We felt she would be a lot more qualified than a chiropractor that only took a couple of classes dealing with animal anatomy.

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