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Thread: Ok cat

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    Ok cat

    I love you.... Love that you want to cuddle

    But can we draw the line when you decide to sit on my face? I like to breathe when I sleep

    Just saying

    Seriously though, I love him and if he stops putting his furry face in mine I'll probably miss it, but it makes sleeping interesting
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    Annoying, but oh so cute

    When I lived at home I would wake up to my cat sitting on the top of my head and pushing my head off the pillow. She also used to snuggle under the covers with me. I miss my cat

    "You are platinum in a world gone grey."
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    DH & I don't let our cats in the bedroom at night because they're too whiney and use us as trampolines.
    WiggleWiggle~ is my Wifey
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    my cat used to do that when I was in school, he'd get on my chest and paw the crap out of my face.

    Gotta love them!

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    Oh man. I'm away from home this week and I am loving not getting woken up by my cat all night. He wants to be under the covers and wakes me up to figure it out. YOU ARE A CAT...get under there yourself. If not getting under the covers he wants to poke me in the face. I love the little bugger and love that he wants to cuddle but for gods sake... leave me alone at night. He is soon gonna be locked out of my room at night.

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