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    so my dog is 9 years old. i've had her since she was 3 months old. she has never been boarded... and she has never even slept on the floor in 9 years. (always in my bed)

    would it be traumatic if i boarded her for two days? shes very attached to me and always has been and she really loves my husband too.

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    Aww. I would think it would depend on your dog. Ours has crazy separation anxiety and didn't do well the first time we left her. You could see every rib after 5 days! I felt like a terrible mom! After that, we started taking her to a doggy care a few weeks before we were ready to board her there.... we'd leave her a little longer each time until she got to know the people there and she did do better. As long as you trust the people you're leaving her with, she'll likely be fine for 2 days. Dogs are very scent oriented, so I'd wear an old shirt around for a couple days and leave it with her when you board her- your scent will help calm her anxiety while you're away. Another option is a dog sitting service, such as Fetch pet care. You can choose to board her in someone's home or have someone come to yours if you think she'd be better in her own environment. Good luck!
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    I think it depends on the dog. You know her best so if you have any doubts, I'd find something different. I know boarding would absolutely devastate my dogs so I will never board them. They would completely shut down. Gatsby already doesn't eat if we have to leave him with friends. They are also bed-sleepers, attached at the hip pups.

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    Do you have a particular facility in mind already? If so, I would suggest you visit it first without your dog, get a feel for it and then, if it feels at all like a possible good fit for the dog, visit with your dog and see how that goes. There are SO many variables that come with different boarding situations - from the standard "sit in a cage/kennel/run/doggy jail all day" to big open pens, outdoor play areas, raised platform beds, bring your own stuff/don't bring your own stuff, etc. What I'm getting at is that it isn't as simple as boarding will/won't work for your dog but more about finding the specific boarding facility that is right for your dog.

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