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Thread: Self-Cleaning Litterboxes

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    Self-Cleaning Litterboxes

    [I think I posted a thread about this a looooong time ago, but, who knows.]

    Anybody have one? Thoughts? Opnions? Do they go off while the cat is inside? (My cat is blind, and I'm worried if it goes off while she's in there, she'll never use it again )

    Since DH has taken over litter box duty, my house smells like pee and I'm afraid the cat is going to stop using it. He left for another week again and didn't change it before he left . I tried changing it, but the smell made me so my mom is coming over to do it for me tonight (yes, I'm a tad spoiled ).

    Since August is a 3 pay month for us, I think I'm gonna splurge AGAIN and go buy one. (I bought one and the special litter for it before when we first moved into our new house, but couldn't justify spending that kind of money on a cat box, so I took it back). At this point, to have my house not smell, and my poor cat have a clean litter box, I think it's worth it.
    Put on your big girl panties and deal with it like a boss.

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    this thread as well...
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    I had one. And it broke
    I'm pretty sure there is a sensor in it do it doesn't move when the cat is doin it's thing
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    My only concern would be that my cat(s) would get freaked out by the newness or the sound of it and start to not use the catbox entirely ...but maybe that is just me and my freak cats
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    I have a cat genie and love it! I love that I can leave for a few days without worry.
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    I read a charming endorsement the other day that said if you enjoy cleaning up "cat poop soup" at least twice weekly, it's a good purchase.
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    I have a litter robot because every place I've ever had, we couldn't figure out a configuration we liked to use the Cat Genie

    I'm on my second robot, had to replace the first after five years

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