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Thread: A crabby update

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    A crabby update

    I posted a few weeks back about having discovered a stowaway that had slipped into my big tank via a newly purchased plant - a little craby that was much worse for the wear. Poor guy had exactly one leg on either side, but was managing to get around okay - I made a couple of changes to my tank to try to make it as crab friendly as I could for him (mostly dropping the water level so that he had access to dry "land" as he's not a fully aquatic species) and figured I'd let nature run it's course until I was able to make a trip back to the place he had come from to return him.
    Well, yesterday I snapped this pic of "Eugene" (Mr Krabs )

    He has molted at least once (I found an empty carapace during the last water change, and wasn't sure if he had met his demise or was simply molting) and ALL of his legs have re-grown, as well as a nice healthy claw
    I'm so glad he is better - he'll still be going back, because there isn't near enough "land" in my tank for the long-term, but I'm glad he can go back a whole, healthy crab.
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    How cool! Glad he healed up well.

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