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Thread: Worst. Fur mom. Ever.

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    Worst. Fur mom. Ever.

    Apollo just threw up a button. Like 3 piles of puke and then the button. (Already called the vet. He's acting fine and I'm keeping a close eye on him.) No more running around the bedroom in the morning while Mommy is getting ready . I feel horrible. He's NEVER been a chewer or destroyed things, so I got lazy with puppy proofing.

    He ate the beads off my flip flop earlier this week (THAT gave me a heart attack. No idea WHERE he found the flip flop since I went around and picked them all up before I went up to lay down.) He's never left unsupervised like that, but I felt bad he'd been up a lot lately, so I puppy proofed, threw out a bunch of toys for him and went up to take a nap (he usually goes on the bed with me or in his crate). Mommy fail #1 of the week when I realized what he had done I watched him closely and checked with the vet. No lethargy, still eating/drinking normally. DH and I took turns getting up during the night to take him out/check on him. I ran home on my lunch to check on him/let him out and he pooped (). We even checked to make sure he was passing the beads since they were kinda big

    Puppy has officially hit his teenage years and lost his privileges. No more time unsupervised AND I get to spend tonight and tomorrow clean cleaning the house so it's puppy proof again. I got super lackadaisical about it and he just scared the crap out of me. Lesson learned, lesson learned. Sorry little man. I gave you too much credit. Won't happen again.

    Put on your big girl panties and deal with it like a boss.

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    The good thing is, he threw it up on his own & the vet didn't have to step in to get it out. So that's great & you're not a bad fur mama. Dogs are sneaky little buggers. Glad he's okay.

    "Thank you so much. No matter what, nothing is possible without you behind the scenes bustin heads and takin names. Thank you again. Everything you have done for me means a lot and nothing has gone unnoticed. I love you so much and thank you for saying 'I do.'"
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    Puppies are tricky bastards like that.

    Glad he seems okay though!
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    My friend just told me a story about how her cats rip up the carpet, and leave all those threads, and she could have SWORN she vacuumed them all up. Then she found a perfectly intact piece of carpet in her baby's diaper. She damn near fainted. Then she cracked up.

    Don't feel too bad.
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    tank snuck his way into a room i thought DH had totally shut the door to (i guess it wasnt latched all the way) and dug through the laundry and tore up 3 pairs of my panties. there is still pieces missing and pieces coming out in his poop. dogs are sneaky little buggers. im glad hes at least getting rid of the button and beads on his own youre not a bad fur momma. they just like to get into things that arent usual for them sometimes. tanks never chewed on anything but now suddenly "omg underwear!"
    we kicked deployment #2's butt!

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