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Thread: Question for those with babies and puppies

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    Question for those with babies and puppies

    What kind of dog do you have? How doe s/he act around your children?

    I was really wanting to rescue a dog or puppy from the pound, but I'm not sure if that is a good idea or if I should get a pure bred puppy.
    DS loves dogs, but as any toddler is a bit rough at times. I want a dog that is not too difficult to train and that will be gentle with a baby. We have no other animals and no plan to get any more. Is it crazy for me to even think of trying to housebreak/train a dog right now? I have a very regular work schedule (M-F lunch shifts) and am home pretty much every evening. DS loves to go on walks any ways, so I really don't think the exercise part will affect our schedule much. We are in a townhome now, but in August we will be moving to a house with a yard which is when I'm thinking of getting the dog. We could either crate train for when we are gone or keep the dog outside (as long as the weather isn't too hot).

    Thanks for the advice.
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    We rescued a min pin/ Italian greyhound mix when LM was about 8 weeks. He is amazing with kids which is surprising he was in a shelter for nearly 3 years. He has anxiety and loved to run and dig and get loose. It took some time to find good answers for those issues but its been over a year now and he does even better on those behaviors. He has a chain stake in the backyard and when we leave during the day he used to have to always be kenneled or he would mess now he's fine to roam free all day. Pretty mellow. He guards all kids. He will sit by them make sure everything is cool before letting someone or something next to "his people". This morning LM and I sat in the bathroom and watched DH shave his head and the noise of the clippers was bothersome to the dog so he came in and sat right in front of LM to be sure she was safe too. Anytime DH would walk towards her with the clippers he would take a step out towards DH. Very protective. It's kind of adorable especially since he's a 11lb dog.
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    I don't have children but you could always go through a rescue and try to find a dog that is being fostered with a family that has kids! That way the dog will already be familiar and probably house trained and some obedience as well
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    If you're gone for more than 4 hours at a time regularly, I wouldn't get a young puppy. If you get one from a shelter that's around 6 months old you can leave it home alone a little longer (in a crate) and it won't have problems, plus the shelter will be able to tell you how the dog behaves and how well it can be trained.
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    I have 2 Min Pins and they are really good with Aria. They were both over a year old when she was born. Bento will stand by her and let her "pet" him. If we are hold her in the standing position he will come over and let her lean on him. They are really care ful to not play to close to her if she is laying on the floor too.

    If I were to get a dog now I would probably go with something past the puppy stage and somewhat trained, especially if I were a single parent.
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    I don't have kids yet, but I got puppies because I wanted to be able to socialize them. Both of our dogs have been around kids constantly and do great with them, and DH and I even messed with them the way a toddler would (pulling on their ears or tail, not hard obviously, pushing them over etc) so that they are used to it. Knowing I wanted kids, I didn't want to risk getting an older dog and having issues later once we had children

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    We have a Yorkie and a lab mutt, both were here before Wyatt came along. We adopted the lab mutt when he was around 6-8yrs old, probably closer to 8 because I could not (and probably will never again ) do a puppy while pregnant and then with a newborn but we wanted a larger dog with a scary bark (and o bite whatsoever) and Charlie did the trick. I would take Caden to the shelter with you and see who he clicks with and then see who fits into our schedule/lifestyle. I grew up with shelter dogs all my life and never once did we have a problem, it's all about personality, not breed per se.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kms51211 View Post
    I don't have children but you could always go through a rescue and try to find a dog that is being fostered with a family that has kids! That way the dog will already be familiar and probably house trained and some obedience as well
    This is a really good idea

    I happen to have a purebred GSD (we actually "rescued" her when she was a year old though ). She's amazing with DS. Like when he was learning how to pull himself up, he always ended up using her. He would grab onto her fur/skin and pull up. She'd literally just lie there and wait for him to finish, then cock her head towards his and lick him

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    We just got a puppy, and I would not recommend it tbh. I like pps suggestion, getting a dog from a rescue that was fostered with children.
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    Getting an adult (one year or more dog) can be SO amazing because they often are already potty trained! It is absolutely amazing to have a dog and it just knows where and when to go. There's obviously no guarantee but I really think a shelter dog around one year old might be a great thing for you to look into! Many of the dogs are great with kids, just be sure to also "train" your son to be great with the dog. Of course a dog shouldn't be aggressive to a child, but understanding a dogs language is important, so knowing it's cues of "Please stop, you're scaring/upsetting/stressing me" or "I want to be left alone" is really important. Also, crate training can be great to give it a place where it can go to get away from everyone (but again that means training your son that the crate is totally off limits to him) even if the door is open. I don't have kids, so I can't speak from experience but I have talked to many people who have success with shelter dogs and kids, it just takes time and an open mind, particularly the part about not focusing 100% on what the dogs behavior should or shouldn't be, but also what you can/should expect of the child's behavior as well.

    And even if you don't implement his training techniques (I know some don't like him), I found Cesar Milan's book "Cesar's way" to be really informative on why dogs act the way they do. Maybe read that or something like it to get a really good understanding of dog behavior, and then adopt! I think the more knowledge you have about young children's behavior and abilities, and dogs behaviors and abilities just sets you up for a more enjoyable, successful experience.
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