So, last weekend I discovered one tiny baby glow light tetra in Katy's tank - not sure if he's still hanging in there or not because he NEEDS to stay hidden to survive which means also hiding from us. This morning I kicked on the lights to the tanks and set off an absolute frenzy in her giant danios. These fish are the epitome of ADHD fish to begin with, but they were in rare form this morning to the point that DH called out to me (I was in the bedroom) that there was "something wrong" with them - which is saying a lot given their "normal" behavior is spazztic at best. Didn't take more than a couple of seconds to figure out what was going on - Katy has a fish orgy going on in her tank
The biggest give away, though, isn't the danios - it's the rest of the fish in the tank. Her rams live scattered out across the bottom of the tank and the glow lights have been all but invisible lately, choosing to hide out in the plants, yet this morning every fish that is NOT a danio in the tank is hanging out right UNDER where the danios are, going nuts on the sudden influx of caviar This is the big advantage of a community tank, built in population control - they won't get every single one, and we won't be overwhelmed with too many fish.
that this nice big feed of "fresh" foods will help push the rams to get into the mood too - the focus of her project this year has been to try to accomplish at least one spawn with them before fair