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Thread: Litter mate meet up?

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    Litter mate meet up?

    The shelter that we adopted Grizzly from has a facebook page for puppy reunions, and I found one of Grizzlys brothers!!!

    Would it negatively affect grizzly to do a litter-mate meet up? I am kinda afraid he would have to go through the loss of his family again.
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    I have never seen a negative impact from this sort of thing after the pups have had time to settle into and bond with their new, human, family.
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    Typically they only have a positive reaction from seeing a familiar dog. As long as he has been with you for a while and has settled into a routine it should be a good experience.

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    I think it sounds like fun! Our pup came from an accidental pregnancy. Mama went into heat right before her spaying, and bam. Max has had playdates with his mom and one of his siblings before, and they always had a great time. Heidi (mama) and Max seemed to recognize each other, and Max and his sibling had a lot of fun romping around together. When it was time for them to leave, they all said goodbye and that was that. Max went and found a nice spot to sleep and passed out. I think that if your pup is happy with you guys, there won't be any problems with going since he is secure knowing that he has a family who loves and cares for him.
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    zomg that's so cute. i know a family of dogs that meets at my dog park every week with their respective adoptive families
    i would love to do something like that. i definitely think the emotional issues stuff is just human.
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    i would totally do something like that!! I've always wondered what my male's littermates look like as adults. I adopted him as well!
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    I wish I knew how to get in contact with the adopters of Luna's littermates. I want to know what they look like. She's part German Shepherd but I've always wondered what else she's mixed with and might be able to tell from the others. When I adopted her, there was only one sister there and I believe they said she was one of six or seven.

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