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Thread: Nothing says fun filled Thursday night quite like.........

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    Nothing says fun filled Thursday night quite like.........

    ........trying to vet a spazzy horse by cell phone flashlight
    We got home late last night due to Jake's school band concert, so it was already dark out when Katy went to do barn chores. She was only outside a few minutes when she came back in and started grabbing stuff out of the first aid box in the tack room, never a good sign All I got was, "Aero" and "bleeding" before I grabbed my shoes and headed out to find both girls running around the field, acting a fool because of the cool wind that was blowing - good sign, at least both of them had four working legs
    I flipped the lid off the grain tub extra loudly so they'd hear it and, sure enough, both girls stopped running and came right over to the fence and I was able to get hold of Aero and get a halter on her so I could have a look. The entire outside half of her right front hoof looked like it had been coated in red nail polish I ran my light up her leg, no obvious wound or bleeding, so back down to the hoof - at this point Katy had gotten back outside with some supplies so I was able to use the water she brought to rinse away some of the blood and found the issue was at the coronary band. My first thought was she had blown out an abcess, but she hadn't shown any of the signs of even having one - until I finally got it rinsed clean enough to see there was no blow out, Princess Klutz-alot had simply managed to gash herself Of course, the fact that she felt the need to run and play was only pumping more blood out of the cut
    We managed to get it cleaned up and the bleeding stopped - and as of this morning she seemed fine, but this horse is going to be the death of me one of these days. I swear, not a month goes by that she doesn't hurt herself one way or another
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    My horse was the same way. Always scared the crap out of me but she was a stubborn pain in the butt so sometimes wonder if she did it just to get to me lol.

    Glad your girl is ok and that it was something serious. Hope her foot heals fast and that she is less clumsy soon

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