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Thread: Funny how things work out

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    Funny how things work out

    As some of you know, I was trying to adopt a puppy for months. Last week, I finally got him. He's great, I love him, and he fits in perfectly with me and my dad. I was approved to adopt him 2 friday's ago and I picked him up last Tuesday. My dad knew I was looking for a dog and he was ok with it, so I didn't tell him I got one because I wanted it to be a surprise. He ended up hearing it through the grapevine so he knew I was getting one.

    Well this morning my dad asked me to borrow the crate I used to pick up Teddy. I told him I had to give it back to my friend and asked why he needed it. Apparently he put a down payment on a puppy 3 weeks ago and was going to surprise ME with a dog as soon as it was old enough to go home. He's going to bring home the new dog on Sunday.

    Normally I'd be super thrilled about getting a new doggy. I love having 2 dogs, we have plenty of room/money/time, and Teddy will have someone to play with. However, Teddy hasn't finished his puppy shots yet. He got one round the day I picked him up and he can't get the second dose until next Tuesday which is 2 days after the new dog gets here. When I picked him up, the lady made it clear that he shouldn't be around any other dogs, especially puppies, until he had that second dose. Now I'm afraid that they are going to make each other sick or something because they won't be fully protected. Is this a legit concern? Do I need to keep them separated or something? I don't really like the idea of bringing in a new dog home while he is still adjusting, but that's the way the cookies crumbled.

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    Just as a precaution I would keep them separated. Especially pee/pop areas, I would take them to potty leashed in separate areas. Puppies make me super nervous when they are in that awkward stage of vaccines. It will be more work but it will be a lifesaver (literally) if one of them ended up having something contagious (parvo!) and passed it to the other. Just use the time separated to your advantage. Work on training, keywords to potty (go pee/poop) and obedience. It's hard having two puppies grow up together because they often bond very closely to each other rather than their owner. This way they can spend quality time with you for a few weeks and get that human bond jump started! Good luck!

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