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Thread: A puppy in a river, at the beach, and engulfed in flowers. Must see ;) IMGS

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    A puppy in a river, at the beach, and engulfed in flowers. Must see ;) IMGS

    Sherlock had a big, big, BIG weekend.

    Friday we went to a river not too far from our house to let him check it out. This was his first outdoor water experience

    Then we took him to an overnight trip to Holland, the Netherlands!!!!

    Went to the beach and he thought he died and went to heaven

    He was perfect at the beach, staying in a reasonable distance to us, coming every time we called..... except when he decided "chase the crow" was way more interesting (hello bird dog instincts!). He literally chased it for 5 minutes and DH and I were running after him just to keep him in sight. He ran past a kazillion groups of people, dogs, horses, etc chasing the stupid bird. Then when the bird finally flew up high in the sky and not just a few feet off the ground he came running extremely happily back to us. Overall he was so well behaved though, he really impressed me and then scared the living daylights out of me

    Then we went to the world's largest garden, Keukenhof Garden!

    He thought this was a real person . He was jumping up on it and his nub tail was wagging a million times a second he was so excited

    We gathered a crowd when I had him hop in the shoes

    for looking!
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    Looks like so much fun!
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    Great pictures! And such a good doggy, sounds like he should sleep well tonight

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    He is so cute and its so pretty there I am so jealous

    "We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love."
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    Great great pictures! He is just gorgeous! And you guys take wonderful pics, love the tulip area!

    Just one word of advice though, be careful when you let him go off leash in the field areas at this time of year. It's baby deer time here right now. If a hunter should be out there and he sees him going after a deer (I'm sure Sherlock listens to you, but like you said, he has hunting instincts!) he could shoot him, no questions asked. Not all hunters would do this of course, my bf is one as well, and he would never shoot a dog like this! But some definitely would.
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    He's such a good looking pup! And that's awesome that you can let him off the leash and he stays relatively close! Beautiful pictures, too!
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    What a beautiful doggy!
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    Those pictures are fantastic!! And he really does look like he had tons of fun. Totes jealous.
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    he is beautiful!
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    I'm so in love wth him
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