I need to make a vet appointment, but thought I'd see what people said here, besides take her to the vet >.< lol. I know this kind of thing is controversial on here, and I'm not looking to be lectured about rushing her to the vet, I'm just asking if anyone has experience with this kind of thing.

I think our dog has acid reflux... She like burps and throws up at the same time. and what she throws up is just like... water. She just threw up all over the couch >.< And now she's laying in her bed like she doesn't feel the best. It's happened before so I switched to giving her bottled water (our water here is REALLY bad and upsets my stomach). And I try my hardest to get DH to not give her people food treats >.< and it seemed like it fixed it. And then all of a sudden this afternoon she started doing it again >.< Which is weird because she hasn't eaten anything today that I know of. We did have a friend watch her over the weekend so I'm wondering of the gave her something... Or I let her outside earlier so I'm sure she could've found something to put in her mouth or DH could've snuck her something when he was home for lunch

Like I said, it got better, like it was totally gone. And then all of sudden it's back. Usually she just burps, and something comes up with it, and she goes back to whatever she was doing, like she doesn't act like she feels sick or anything.

Anyway! Is acid reflux in dogs a thing? Has anyone else had this happen before?