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Thread: Pet Insurance? Yes or no? Good thing or not? Vino or any other experts, any advice?

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    Pet Insurance? Yes or no? Good thing or not? Vino or any other experts, any advice?

    We kinda adopted a cat that we were cat-sitting for a friend three weeks ago. We took him to the vet this week, got him up to date on his shots [he hadn't had any] and got him treated for the ear mites he had.

    But now I'm looking at this pet insurance thing. Should we have it for him? I'm of the mindset that he is my child, we will take the best care we can of him.

    Is there any specific kind that is better? Should we stay away from any kind?

    I'm clueless here. Trying to do research. He came back with a clean vet report, but I just want to make sure he's protected for the future.

    And just to help give you an idea, here's my baby! This is Onyx!

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    I was offered a free trial for my puppy but I'd rather do the care card or whatever credit card for vet visits. I can't remember why but my grandmother has the insurance and hates it, I'll have to ask her why. I think she said cause you have to lay it out and then they'll pay you back and she doesn't like that. For me, if its an emergency vet visit I can understand that being a problem, but for the credit card you just slowly pay it off.
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    I have been looking into it, and I am just not too sure. We are on the care credit train as of right now.
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    Ellie has ASPCA pet insurance. She is still relatively young so paying 50/per month isn't worthwhile at the moment, but I've had five family dogs over the years and seeing the vet bill as they got older made me purchase Ellie insurance.

    If you do get the insurance make sure you really read the details of the contract. I didn't fully understand the “usual and customary covered charges." These are veterinary costs covered by my plan and considered typical in areas similar to mine. They claim that ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, "plans reimburse 90% of usual and customary covered charges both to take into account actual treatments performed, unlike a benefit schedule, and to keep premiums lower." However, the bills I've submitted haven't been near the usual 90%. I guess my vet charges higher prices for services than those in the area.

    So the jury is still out whether or not it's really worth it. However, if we do encounter major medical issue later than we are going to be in a better financial place to help cover the funds and get her the medical attention she needs. Working at a vet clinic when I was young...I've seen too many people have to put their pet down over not having enough money to pay for procedures (surgery, cancer, big treatments, etc.). So 50/per month is better than shelling out thousands later.
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    I have it on my dogs but after the first year (neuter/spots/check ups) it's not all that useful honestly. I have the one through Banfield and it covers check ups but Rumple hasn't been to the vet since last November and Scout just went for shots but other than that hadn't been to the vet since September. If they had to go in for something other than that I think the insurance would cover 20% but for the amount over the course of the year, I'm sure another vet would be better and cheaper.

    ETA: Bailey had Parvo when she was a little thing and Banfield wouldn't take her. They sent us to the Emergency Vet and we paid 2000 out of pocket there.
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    i personally think it's a good idea if you're not likely to have a mass amount of savings that you could use in an emergency.
    if you do have savings that you can dip into without worry, i think it's pointless.
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    We use bandfield's pet health care plan for shots and such. I have both my cat and puppy on health plans threw bandflied. It inculdes all the shots, and all vet visits are "free." We also get spical rates on flea and heartworm medication. Then with my puppy being on the health puppy plan. It inculdes him being fixed, and all I will have to pay for his pain meds for him to take at home.

    We also nw have the care credit card as well. For emergencies just encase since bandfield works well for now emergencies. However, when it is something that needs surgery past like being fixed. Bandfield isnt equipt to deal with it. They are also not 24hr...
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    We have our dogs on the Bansfield plan. It has saved us tons of money since we started our dogs on it.

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