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Thread: Patheti-puppy

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    Poor Ziva, we were outside playing with the dogs and I noticed she started pulling up on her front paw. She was still willing to run and play, but was pulling it up when she'd stop. Katy and I gave it a quick once over and there was some definite heat in it but nothing visible as far as cause. We cut play time short (sad puppies) and came in. When we got in she started licking at her paw and that helped narrow it down to the space between two of her toes - closer inspection revealed what I had suspected, a stinger
    We took the stinger out and she's fine - no swelling, the heat has reduced, etc - but she's definitely tender. It's funny, because she'll forget and be just fine but then it must start to ache again and she looks so pathetic. At least this time it's only a paw, she has a horrible habit of trying to eat bees and has gotten stung on the face/mouth more than once (and still doesn't learn )
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    Poor baby, I'm really hoping Lady will learn from her stupidity last summer and leave the bees alone.
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    Poor puppy. Luna is our unofficial fly catcher... hopefully that doesn't translate into catching bees. I don't really remember seeing many last summer but I hear they're horrible. Could just be out in the box where the guys do their training. They swarm those big gatorade dispensers like it's their job, I guess.
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    Poor pup. I hope Lucy avoids bees. She's a big baby

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