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Thread: S/O How long: How many?

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    S/O How long: How many?

    What is your ideal number of pets for your home?

    DF and I have our (blind) cat, Apollo the pup (Scotty), and a bigger Aussie mix names Lucy.

    We've talked about it and 2 dogs and a cat is a good mix/maximum number for us.

    What about you? What's your current combo of pet makeup in your household/your ideal?
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    I like having 2 dogs, although currently I don't have any.

    I Eelizah
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    While DH is active duty, we'll only have two (we have two dogs ) because in the event of PCS, we could never give one up or leave it with family.

    But! We have an acre, and we often talk about goats, chickens and I have a dream of rescueing a dairy cow from slaughter....and I really want a cat but I'm allergic. We've also talked about ferrets, fish tanks, snakes.....I don't we talk a lot about animals but it's a long ways off and will probably be influenced by what our kids are interested in too.
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    I'm good with my 2 dogs. My hands are constantly full.

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    At my parents' house...we have a zoo Always have. I couldn't imagine it being any other way. As for when I'm married to or two dogs.
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    I was the perfect mom, until I had kids.
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    We had 2 dogs, and I liked it like that. That begin said, since Sampson died, DH is completely content with just one.

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    We have one pup and are considering another. We fostered a puppy for about a month and our dog loved it. He was so happy to have a "sister."
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    We don't really have a set number. What we have right now is working and I have no desire to add to it, but we have had more and that felt right too. At the moment we have 5 cats, 3 dogs and 2 horses (plus fish). The highest number of cats we have had at one time would be 11, but that was a foster mom and her litter of 5 kittens plus our resident/permanent pet cats at that time. For dogs, I think we are maxed out with the three we have - honestly I didn't want the third, but DH wanted a dog of his own (the other two are decidedly mama's dogs ). I wouldn't refuse to shelter/foster someone temporarily, but I don't see adding to the permanent family at this time.
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    I have 1 dog, and I've always wanted 2 (so he can have a playmate and because I want 2 ), but my dog doesn't always get along with other males, and I don't want to create a potentially harmful environment. I've considered getting another female dog, because he gets along really well with females, but I would want DH here to help me get everything situated and help train.

    And no cats for us...I'm allergic
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    Growing up we always had three cats. Anytime one would pass we would get another cat. Our current situation we have two medium/large aussie mix and a golden retriever mix and a holland lop rabbit. As much as we'd love to have another dog we refuse to add another to the mix. A) because we just wouldn't be able to devote the love that we give to our dogs now to any additional dogs and B) because of the size of our dogs and the fact that they like to be near you for companionship we just wouldn't have the lap space for another dog Plus we don't need to add a third dog on top of a newborn. So two dogs is good with us and two will probably always be our max.
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