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Thread: How long?

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    How long?

    So, an older thread made me curious.

    If a pet passed away, how long would you wait to get another one?

    I've, always, told DH that when Bixler passes away, (which he won't, because he'll live forever. ) I'll need a year at the least to... move on. Maybe, it's because we only have one dog and don't plan on adding to the family, but I just can't imagine being able to move on any sooner than that.

    That's, also, how I was raised. While my parents have, always, had multiple pets, whenever one passed away, there was a gap between then and the adoption of a new puppy or kitten.
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    I don't know. I think it would depend on a lot of factors for me/us. How old our pet was, was the death sudden/or something we saw coming, do we already have other pets still?

    We currently have 2 dogs and a cat...our max we've decided at any time
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    It depends. With our first dog, we waited 4 months. My mom wanted to wait longer, but as a child I missed the companionship of a pet. Not waiting because our other dog had passed wasn't an insult to her (in my teenage opinion), but showed how large of a hole she left.

    If this cat dies (I swear she's the luckiest cat ever and will never actually die) then I'll probably adopt another one fairly soon (not the next day, but within 4-6 months). I would miss having a little goofball around, and so many pets need a home, that I wouldn't make myself wait.

    Some people need that break though, and that's totally ok too. I just probably wouldn't.

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    I've thought about this more since my dog is getting older I wouldn't want it to look like I'm easily replacing my dog, but he is seriously like my baby, and I am just SO used to him being around. Once he passes, I think I'd have to get another dog pretty quickly just to be able to keep from crying constantly. I'm satisfied with one dog, but I've almost always had a dog in my life since I was little, so it's weird to not have any pets. That may change once I have children though
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    a long ass time.

    i've never had a dog die—our family pup that was our first dog is 13. we've had him since i was in 7th grade. but i know i will be devastated sometime probably quite soon when he dies, though he is still in perfect health right now.
    DH convinced me to get a dog while Rocket is still alive because he knew i would not want to once he passes because it will hurt me so much. so we got Remmy. but, he almost died of parvo before we even got to pick him up, and even then i told DH that was enough, if he died we were not going to get a dog. luckily he lived so i have this sweet boy

    but yeah. not something i will get over and be ready for easily.
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    When we just had our little dog, I was (and am) so dependent on her companionship, that if a terrible accident had happened, I told DH I would probably have a new dog within the week because I couldn't stand to be alone (especially if he was gone at the time). But we now have our second dog, who is three years younger so assuming there are no terrible accidents, I think when my little one goes, I'll wait for a while, until we find the "right" dog because I'll have my bigger one still.
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    There's no given time frame. It would depend on how me & my family were feeling & when we felt ready to get a new pet.

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    Both of my dogs died within a month of each other around this time last year. I'm only now to the point where I'm really ready for another one. It was at least 6mo before I even starting thinking about getting a new one.

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    Darwin was PTS just after Christmas - I have not even thought about adding to the household yet. Previous to that it's just varied. We take pets into our home as they come to us - so the timing is somewhat left to chance (most are dumped or wander into our lives as strays). There have been times when the time was not right for a permanent addition so those that came to use during those times were fostered until permanent homes could be found.
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    I think it would just depend on how it felt at the time. Previously when a family cat passed another one would always find it's way to our doorstep within a few months of that cats death and we'd take it in and it always felt okay but TBH and it may sound horrible but I feel much more attached to our dogs than I ever did to our family cats. I cried when my cats died and I was upset but part of me feels like when my dogs die I'll be devastated. Maybe because I was younger and therefore on a different emotional level then or because they were family cats vs my dogs are our (DH and I's) dogs..or maybe it's just because they're much more loving in general. I dunno. But I feel like it's going to be harder for me to "replace" my dogs than it was to replace our cats.
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