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Thread: Cat with Crystals in Urine/Bladder????? pet food craziness??

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    Cat with Crystals in Urine/Bladder????? pet food craziness??


    Ok I am looking for some advice. I have an approximately 2-3 year old female calico cat that was recently diagnosed with crystals in her urine/bladder (we noticed her going to the bathroom all the time- like 5-6 times an hour!!) so the vet put her on the extremely expensive Hills Science c/d prescription cat food. well we have multiple cats. they ALLL hated it. not a one would touch it (seriously, they would starve for days!) We would try to mix it with the regular food that they would be on (blue buffalo brand). they were being very picky and literally would eat around it. I took a look at the ingredients and the first thing I saw was corn gluten meal. blue buffalo doesn't have that. so we went parousing through all of the pet stores and there is a lot out there that claims would help with cats and their urinary health. My main question is, am I wrong to think that there isn't something else out there that can do the same thing (and for probably less money?) I personally felt like I was at a a car dealership when I was being pushed into buying this prescription cat food - this was at one of those vet places that was inside a pet store. I am also starting to feed them some more wet cat food into their diets to help with their moisture content (and as always, fresh water is about).

    We right now have her on a mixture of the regular cat food we have been giving them and the Wellness complete health in the red bag (I know, expensive, but it doesn't have the fillers and what I call "junk food"), and all the cats will eat it!

    phew I think that's it for now. If someone has already posted about this, please let me know, I looked and couldn't find it
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    What kind of crystals are they? My understanding is there is more than one type and they are treated differently as far as what food/additive they need to avoid.
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    I switched my cats to EVO- you can get it from pet store or from the vet.
    this is a grain free food high in protien and low on carbs - carbs convert to sugar, sugar to crystals, crystals to bladder, kidnet infections and then to diabetes.

    the other thing we did is we swtiched from a standing water bowl to a water fountian, cats will drink more water when it is flowing than if it is standing.

    the last thing we did is added a wet food 2 times a week. we used fancy feast shredded or chopped in gravy for better liquid content.
    once we did all that they stopped having trouble with both the UTI's and the crystals.
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    It could be worse.
    I have experience with it.

    The prescription diets foods are important because they regulate the amounts of magnesium in the cats diet and they help maintain the proper pH level in their urine.

    Our cat also did not particularly care for the Science Diet brand, he ate Royal Canin's Urinary S/O, in both wet and dry. I can't help you with the cost factor, as cost wasn't an issue for me. He was a part of our family and I would have spent any amount necessary to keep him healthy. Additionally, we've always fed out cats separately so it wasn't an issue for him to have his own brand of food.

    A lot of commercially available "off the shelf" foods that are geared towards urinary health are for preemptive care - to eliminate it happening at all. Once it does happen, the cat's diet needs to be reevaluated.

    Also, find and maintain a routine care relationship with a veterinarians you like and trust. If it's in a pet store, so be it, but I personally have found that smaller "hometown" veterinarians match my style of care that I want for my cats better. Once you have an established relationship, you'll trust their opinion and recommendations more. Some veterinarians don't even find it necessary for the cat to remain on the prescription diet forever, they will just be on it for a period of time.

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