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Thread: This is what keeps customers loyal....

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    This is what keeps customers loyal....

    On Saturday Jake and I made a trip to Louisville to start scouting for fish now that I can finally start stocking MY tank (moving the last of Katy's guppies out this week - re-homed a bunch to get her numbers back down and clean up her 4-H project stock). Found a great new store but also stopped by the old stand by. I was looking for clown loaches and had had zero luck as all the other stores in the area had horrible stock at ridiculous prices, but these guys had just gotten in a shipment. I normally won't buy on "fish day" because a lot of issues caused by shipping or bad fish will show up in the first few days at the store, but they had gotten a bunch of little clowns that they were willing to give me a good deal on, so I went against my better judgement and got four. They looked a little thin, but due to age and the shipping stress I wasn't that worried about it.
    Got them home, along with the first of my Rainbow Fish community (picked up four *ornate* rainbows at the new store), and got everyone settled in. Sunday I realized just how thin these guys really were, and I started to kick myself. Monday morning I was down a loach Unfortunately, I didn't find him - Katy did - so his body was disposed of and I was told after hte fact. Tuesday I got home from work and we were down two more - so I had lost three of the four. The lovely "chronic wasting syndrome" strikes again. These guys are particularly prone to it and I bought right into it when I knew better So, those two are in my freezer and I've started treatment on #4 (pig wormer, of all things), but at this point it's usually a losing battle.
    To my point about loyalty - the store they came from has a 48 hour guarantee on livestock. I was unable to reach anyone by phone yesterday when I found bodies 2 and 3, which was already at 72 hours and today is into the 96 hour range, but I called anyway because I wanted to let them know what was going on and ask if they were seeing the same thing in the rest of the shipment. We talked about it and he did confirm that they were seeing the same issue with some of the rest of the shipment. He then told me to just write down his name and next time I make it down that way (he knows it's like an hour away for us, so it's going to be at least the weekend) they'll replace all four (even if the last little guy makes it by some miracle), no questions asked, no water sample needed (especially after I told him we had had no issues with anyone else in the tank, including the super sensitive rainbows or the existing loaches) - and he will make sure they are wasting syndrome free, even if that means he has to give me larger/more expensive replacements (they are priced by size - and the TINY ones are expensive enough).
    On the bright side, the four rainbows are doing FABULOUS and have really started to color up after the move - can't wait to pick up my next set of them (have about four more types I want to add).
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    Good service is so hard to find! It's great that you have a store like that!
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    I'm glad that you found such a great store!!

    I have a Turquoise rainbow fish in my tank I don't have any loaches though. We've got some long finned tetras and a couple dwarf gouramis.

    Fish are FUN!

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    Always nice work get such great service. The rest of this post kind went over my head, because I know nothing about fish

    I am sorry that they didn't survive though

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