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Thread: Question about dogs!!!

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    Question about dogs!!!

    We have a 6 month old Siberian Husky and he loves to jump on people and he is over 53 pounds so he knocks over people at times. Any ideas to get him to stop jumping on people and anything else that would be helpful??
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    I don't have any advice, just wanted to say I can sympathize. We had a siberian husky about 10 years ago and she always jumped no matter what. We even took her to obedience classes...she did great in class, but the second we got her home she would do her own thing. Hope you can figure something out that will work.
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    I dont know what to do our dog jumps up on people too...

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    The only thing I know of is to train them not to jump, but I don't know the best way to go by doing that. Good luck!!
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    My dog use to do that and when we saw she was going to jump we would put our knee up, tell her no and get her to sit down. After a while she got the hint.
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    You can leash her when people are at the door, make sure they don't pay any attention to her unless she is in a sit and give them treats to give her. If she continues to jump up turn your back on her or knee her in the chest. Not hard, just put your knee up. Turning your back works great.
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    The knee thing works pretty good, but no matter what you do, you have to be can be frustrating when it appears that it's not working, but you gotta stick with it.
    Good luck!
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    we taught our siberian husky how to sit at 2 months old. This helps prevent her from jumping on people.. i just tell her to sit and she usually does but if that fails i tell her is no and knee her paws.. she then gets that jumping on people is bad.
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    i saw in a catalog at work that there's this like harnis type thing you can put on them that prevents them from jumping? otherwise, i agree, the knee thing works pretty well. also, my guy jumps too, he's only a cocker spainel, so he's not quite at big, but what i started to do it pay him absolutly no attention until he stops jumping, calms down, and sits down. it's worked pretty well, but that's gotta be consistant too. also let all of your guests know ahead of time not to give him any attention until he stops jumping, that way, he learns that he's not gonna get any lovin' by jumping, but only by being calm. --thank you ceaser millan!

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    I went to school to be a vet tech and worked at an animal hospital for 2 years. I know of a few things and we used to tell people who asked the same thing to train them like this

    1. Step lightly on hind toes.

    2. Bump them carefully and gently in the chest with your knee. (not reccomended for smaller dogs)

    3. Grasp their front paws and push them backward so they are off balance.

    Any of these should be followed with a firm No (never bad dog, you should never tell your pet they are bad)After the dog gets down, walk away from them and ignore them for a few minutes.
    After a little while when you’re sure your pet has got the message and has stayed down, pet and praise it. Consistency is very important. Don’t confuse the dog by letting it jump up every once in a while and then push it down other times. Make sure you let friends and other familys know that they are not to let the dog jump on them

    Also your dog is a he? If he is not neutered yet this may also be contributing to your problem as well.
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