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Thread: My adopted kitty

  1. MRussell
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    My adopted kitty

    We have 2 German girls who live above our garage here in Germany. Back in August they got a kitten, and I'm beginning to think they don't want her anymore. They are gone all day at work and when they come home at night they put the cat out side. A couple of weeks ago the weather was really nasty and Emma(kitty) wanted in where it was warm. So we put her in our garage with a cat bed and some food, and left a note for the girls so they knew where she was. Well since then everytime I go outside Emma is waiting by our now I put food and water out each night just in case she gets locked out, I would feel horrible if she was cold and hungry. I wish I could let her in our place, but our fatty lazy declawed kitty doesn't seem to like her.

    Maybe if I bring the girls a case of cat food for Emma for Christmas they'll get the idea....
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    hurry up and wait....
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    How sad! I've got to get my kitty declawed so we can get her a declawed friend.
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    Awww that's so sad if they arent gonna take care of her atleast give her to someone who will.
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    you rock for taking care of that cat:yeehaw
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    that is so sad. your a good person for stepping up though

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