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Thread: Inexpensive beds for BIG dawgs

  1. PvtWinkiesgirl
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    Inexpensive beds for BIG dawgs

    I've done this for a while and thought I'd share, since big dog beds are SO expensive.

    A really cheap crib mattress from walmart or Kmart works great!! I got one on clearance for $25 a while back. Super easy to clean, just wipe it down, and you just by a crib sheet that matches your furniture. Awesome for older dogs and dogs with joint problems, much more supportive that a $80 foam dog pillows at Petsmart, anmd they last SO much longer and don't go flat.

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    I never thought about using a crib mattress!! We gave Brownie some old pillows and then a blanket on top of it, but she would rather sleep on the bed with us!
  3. ImaLuckyWife
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    thats a awesome idea! we cant keep my dog off of our bed, he wakes up in the middle of us, and when i fall asleep on the couch or my husband does he is in between my legs hes a sneak
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    my one dane took over my recliner and my other is taking over my love seat. both have beds though i know people that use futon mattresses
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    my dog sleeps in a crate at night. I just make him really big pillow with fabric that I find on clearance, sew it and stuff it with pillow stuffing. Usually ends up costing about 5 or 6 bucks.

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