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Thread: my cat has lost it

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    my cat has lost it

    for three days now hes gotten a crazy wild hair up his butt. He tears around the house like a mad kitty. The other day he ran square into the corner with the top of his head. He seemed a bit woosy after that. Last night I had to chase him around the house to get him in my room so I could go to bed. He'll be sleeping or resting and then jump up like something bit him in the butt. For about an hour he'll be crazy then he'll go back to sleep.

    Last night he sat on the couch and stared at me for a long time. It was super creepy.
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    your kitty has become posessed!

    maybe this move really weirded him out....
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    I looooove the Kitty Crazies!!! It's so much fun to watch them tear around the house like they're running for their lives. However, at 3am...I'm not so amused.
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    Ahh the crazy antics of cats. They have wild genes in them that just pop up from time to time.

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