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Thread: buddy has scabs

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    buddy has scabs

    buddy has some scabs on the inside of one of his back legs. i assume it's from scratching/bitting at the damn fleas that the other dogs brought over. i've been checking him almost every day for fleas and haven't found any in at least a week if not longer. so, i wondering if maybe he's just scratching at bites that were already there...but if so, why would he now be scabbing and not when he acctually had fleas. also, could it leave scars?

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    My Yorkie gets that...come to find out, she's allergic to the flea saliva, so basically she's allergic to flea bites. One flea can give her scabs all over, it's nuts. Just make sure he has flea medication to keep them off and maybe get a "hotspot" spray to stop the itching so it can heal.
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    The hotspot spray works....we had a dog that used to just chew at herself for no apparent reason, and we would have to spray this on her....she healed really well, although her fur grew back a different color
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    Our dog Chang is allergic to flea bites as well. On top of this, he has a thyroid problem and suffers with skin issues from that. He chews himself constantly. We have him on a special shampoo and thyroid meds and a good regiment of flea control he also get a cortison (sp) shot once a month. YIKES.
    Good luck.
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