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Thread: Poor kittens

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    Poor kittens

    I have two 10 month old cats, and two 5 week old kittens. I took the kittens from a friend of mine because they needed a home. Problem is, they have fleas so bad I don't know what to do. I've flea combed them, I've given them baths in lemon juice and also in dawn dish soap at least 4 times. They are still so bad. And one of my older cats is allergic to fleas. Now I'm sure they are everywhere and i don't know what to do. Does ANYONE have any idea as to what to do? I've tried everything
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    I don't know how much it'll help, but you should try frontline or another flea medicine and/or put flea collars on them. They're supposed to stop the eggs from hatching. Hope you can figure it out!!
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    i had this prob with my dog and cats. we use revolution on the cats but check on the kittens. the dog we use advantage on him.

    anyway flea bomb your house. its cheaper than an exterminator. wash all of your bedding, towels, if you have slip covers do them anything that can be washed wash it in HOT water

    check with your vet before using anything on the kittens though.
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    Any kind of flea dips or baths are BAD NEWS for kittens and cats....they can kill them. Check with a vet before you buy ANY kind of medication that has to be applied to the kittens....if they're too young, or you use the wrong dosage, it can cause them to become very ill or kill them.

    You're going to have to exterminate them in your house first.....because its obvious by now that they've spread from the kittens to other parts of your home. I would recommend bombing your house....I'm not sure what the instructions are, but for some, you need to wait 24 hours before going back into the house.
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    I would check with the vet before doing anything. Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by instant_oatmeal View Post
    I would check with the vet before doing anything.

    good advice
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    I would take them to a vet for the flea tretment, maybe board them overnight while you bomb the house. I took in a kitty once that had fleas, such a pain in the butt to get rid of. If you want to stick with an OTC flea shampoo, check or , they tend to state clearly whether or not each product os safe for puppies and kittens. Good luck!
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    Take them to the vet for the flea treatment.. if you can go on base, it's much cheaper there. We did that with our kittens last year, after trying EVERYTHING, and we didn't even think it would work, but it stopped them like 2 days later! We combed them, but all we got were dead ones... that stuff REALLY works. But like the others said, you just need to make sure that it's the right dosage for their size/age. We vaccuumed and shampooed the carpets afterwards too, and I never saw one of the pesky little fleas every again! Good luck!
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    What we use on babies at the Shelter is Frontline. Just a few drops between their shoulder blades. Also, it works with dogs. Frontline rips people off.. because they don't have special formulas for certain breeds. You can buy a pack for a large breed dog and use it on cats for a few months.

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