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Thread: HELP!!!

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    My older dog Troubble is acting up. He does not like being locked up in his cage when I have to leave him. But today for some reason he has gone a little crazy. I have to hold his cage together with zip ties beucase he can collapse it on himself well today he started eating the zip ties so he can get out!! How can I stop him?????? HELP!!!!!!!!!! I am going crazy trying!!!
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    There's this stuff called Bitter Apple Spray that you can get at Petco that might help. You literally spray it onto whatever you don't want the dog to chew, and if they try to, they get an AWFUL taste. In fact, if you get any on your hands, be sure to wash them pretty quickly or you'll be tastin it too!

    You could try spraying that on the zip ties... Or use tabasco if you'd prefer. You might have to reapply it for either of those after a bit.

    It worked for my dog when she was chewing our linoleum floor. (I was NOT amused )

    Good luck!
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    Do you feed him in his cage? That makes a huge difference. Give him all his meals in there to make the cage more positive and somewhere he wants to go. You can also give him special yummies in there too, like pigs ears and stuff. ANd if he won't shred it, try throwing a big old blanket over the crate, to give it that dark, safe, "den" atmosphere so he won't feel so vulnerable. When you need him in the cage, don't call him over to it, always go get him.

    Hope that helps. Good luck!

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