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    I have four cats. Three boys (two who are fixed.. one is 6 months and going to get fixed) and a female (who's going to get fixed) and all three of the boys stay home/around the house, but little miss Kai is neeever around. She comes home to eat, then she leaves. We're hoping that she's not off getting pregnant, 'cause I would hate to get her fixed while kitties are in her tummy.. but we can't afford more cats OR the surgery right now. Will getting her fixed have her stay around the house more? or.. how can I get her to staaaay home without having her inside the house? (they're all outside cats [comes in occassionally]. my dad's a weenie when it comes to animals in the house)
  2. Cherrish
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    You really can't 'make' her stay, unless you put her in the house. She obviously has that 'wandering' type of personality.
    My cat was an indoor/outdoor cat when I was back in SC. She would come in to rest, eat, then wanted to be let back out. Sometimes I wouldn't see her the entire day. She's too scared to go outside here, so I don't worry.
    If you want to ensure that she doesn't get pregnant, than you really should keep her indoors.

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