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Thread: My poor scruffy Wheezer

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    My poor scruffy Wheezer


    He needs to be groomed SO bad but my groomer has been sick Maybe tomorrow I'll try to groom him myself.. he just looks so pitiful right now.. I can't even see his eyes!

    Last time I groomed him it wasn't pretty but it made for some good laughs .

    Sorry, I've resized the picture twice and it's not working
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    What a cutie

    Good luck grooming him yourself. My dogs give me a hell of a time when I groom them. 99% of the soap and water ends up on me
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    what a cutie!

    good luck with the grooming. i shave my cocker spaniel myself. he's really good about having it done, and every time he looks a little better! but you can REALLY save a lot of money if you invest in some good clippers and do it yourself. i don't think i've paid to have the dog groomed in over a year.

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    "Anybody who doesn't know what soap tastes like never washed a dog." -Franklin P. Jones

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