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Thread: Rory is sleeping more then normal

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    Rory is sleeping more then normal

    For some reason my Rory is sleeping ALL DAY LONG. she is only a year old she should not be sleeping the entire day.

    any idea why she might be sleeping so much al of a sudden?
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    hmmm if it isn't a normal thing for her, that does sound weird. My dog is about 14 months old and he sleeps alot, but he always has.
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    may be wrong but possibly a growth spurt???
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    I'm thinking prob a growth spurt! also is she fixed?? could be she's getting ready for her first heat!!!

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    At a year is seems late for a spurt so big that she would be tired. But just like us, dogs get colds and little bugs that can bring you down and make you tired. Just keep an eye on her, make sure she's eating and drinking, and if she has no cough or snotty nose, I would just let it be.

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