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Thread: We finally found a foster home for Kitty!

  1. KevzQueen
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    We finally found a foster home for Kitty!

    I put an ad on freecycle looking for a home for Kitty. Someone responded, but as she was talking I realized that she wanted to KEEP Kitty. Of course that is not what I had in mind, but if that was our only choice that is what I'd have to do. She has another cat and so Kitty would have a playmate.

    Well lucky for me, someone else responded and said that she could keep him for the remaining 6 months. Now I have to break the news to the other lady . She really seemed nice and excited about it, but I wasn't planning on giving him away.

    Anyway, I hope the new home works out for Kitty!
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    to kitty
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    good news!
  4. christymichelle
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    aww, kitty has a home.
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  6. KevzQueen
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    I was so close to this lady before and didn't even know it. We went to a garage sale at a Methodist church last weekend. She was there helping at the garage sale. Oh so close. I asked the women last weekend if there was a place that I could put a wanted ad up. They told me that I could put it on the fridge, but I didn't do that because one lady didn't seem to like the idea. If I would've done that, Kitty could've had a home a week sooner. Oh well, she still came into our lives. Best of all, she doesn't expect money, but I will give her some even if I have to mail it to her when we leave so that she can't refuse it. I'm so happy for our cat.
    She's going to order him some claw covers so he won't tear up her furniture. Anybody use these? Do they work? She's trying it out for the first time on her new kitten.

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