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    is still in at the vet. I took him in last week cause he would try and pee and nothing would come out. evidently he isnt drinking enough water, which i have no clue why!!! we have water bowls all over the house. anyways, they sent us home with pain meds and he did fine. well, i ran out of pain meds Saturday afternoon. Sunday morning he was back to square one with not peeing again. so i took him to the emergency vet. they admitted him, put a urine cath in and an iv. no problems, just a highly pissed off cat. monday morning i go to pick him up to transfer him to my vet. he had pulled the cath out, stitches and all so they sedate him and put it back in, and i rush to transfer him before he wakes up. the vet called this morning. they have flushed him enough to get all the crystals out of his system. so they are going to take the cath out around 2 today and keep him hooked up to the iv and make sure that he has no problems peeing. so i will get to bring him home wed morning. i miss my kitty. thank goodness DH's mom is here!!!!! she paid for the vet bills..... when all is said and done this alone will be over 2 grand
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    I'm sorry, poor Saint.
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    poor Saint!!! Glad the vet got things figured out!!!

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    aw poor kitty. I'm glad he gets to go back home soon. What a nice mil.
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    Poor guy. Man, emergency vets really take you to town, don't they? Hope he feels better soon!

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