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Thread: Question about dog food

  1. Cher
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    Question about dog food

    What kind of dog food do you feed you dogs?

    We had been feeding Ol' Roy because it was a fairly decent price, but our Vet told us that that dog food was really bad for them because it was so high in fat. He told us to get a certain dog food, I think it was Natural Balance, but my dogs are large dogs and eat a lot so we can't really afford it. Are there any other good dog foods out there that aren't so expensive?
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    We use Iams for all 3 of ours. It's about 26 bucks for a 40 lb bag I think.
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    We feed our dog Kibbles & Bits
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    I give my puppers Nutro brand. I guess that is considered the better stuff among the "middle of the road" brands. It's the only stuff I have found that my dog does not have an allergic reaction to when she eats it. Around here, it goes for about $1 per pound. I know that gets spendy, but her coat has never been so healthy and she is full of energy. Good luck.
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    We feed our dog Nutro.
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    I feed my dog Pro Plan and buy it at Petco.
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    Scientists something.. i think thats the name. Oh and also "Pal"

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    we have a pedigree puppy... LOL!! My family has always fed pedigree so that's what we stuck with. She's eating it fine and putting on weight just as she needs to. She eats all freakin day long! LOL!!

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    we feed our dog pedigree...he loves it and my vet told me it was ok to feed him...he was on science diet but it didn't agree with his tummy..
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    Our dog has weight issues - somehow the last time I took him in the vet suckered me into buying a $25 bag of Science Diet "diet" dog food...once it was gone we switched him to Purina One healthy weight formula, I only buy it at the commissary it's much cheaper there. If they're out, which happens regularly, we buy Beneful healthy weight. He's fine with either, and he must like it because he wolfs it down
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