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Thread: A Question??

  1. Christi
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    A Question??

    How much would you pay for a puppy/kitten, etc.?? We are looking at getting a puggle and the price of him is $400.00. Does that sound alittle steep or just about right?? Just wondering..TIA
  2. Senior Member
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    actually that seems like a good price for a puggle...they go anywhere from $300 - $800...i would just say be careful who you buy it they offer a health guarantee? does the puppy have it's shots? you know that sort of stuff...
    i spent $1500 on my english bulldog which is actually very cheap for the breed.
  3. Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta
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    personally, i've only adopted one cat. but i've heard of some crazy prices for dogs. My ex paid over a grand for his pure-bred rotweiler (sp). so i guess if you're looking for a specific kind of dog, 400 sounds right to me...
  4. Armylove
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    For a cat I wouldnt pay more than 100, for a dog, I mean depends on what kind. I want a dog, its like 900. I dont know if I would actually do it, but Im a big fan of the pound and adopting dogs and cats that need homes, not ones that are bread..

    But 400 sounds pretty good for a dog.
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    I bought my Yorkie for $500, but that's actually really cheap for that kind of dog.
  6. ImaLuckyWife
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    Our boxer was 700! The next dog we wanna get is a great dane...and when we were lookin at them...the ones my husband liked were 2000.
  7. Cheeseburger in Paradise
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    We bought our Boxer in Hawaii for $600 and that's incredibly cheap around here for a registered Boxer. That's the most I've ever paid for a pet though.

    A cat, well I wouldn't pay much for a kitten. We adopted our cat from the humane society here and it was $55 but he came neutered, with a microchip and had his first shots.
  8. Death Before Decaf!!
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    I would pay whatever the adoption fee was. I'm not big on buying from breeders or home sellers, just because I would rather save a life in a shelter That does seem pretty dang spendy though - but that's just me...
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  9. ImaLuckyWife
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    Funny story....when we were looking for boxers we called a breeder and asked if she had fawn n white boxers....she sais we drove a good distance....n we get there...n she had brindle pit bulls not fawn boxers she was tryin to sell the pits as boxers. So we said no thank you! So than they were tryin to sell us a puggle...she was like they jus look like boxers...we said nope..they are cute jus no boxer. Beagle n pug lol that deff doesnt equal a boxer They were than like we can put u on a list when we have another litter ... we said no thanks lol.... they were a big breeder...sorta like a puppy mill... But yea after searchin we finally got our Bub!!
  10. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    That sounds about right from what i've seen on prices of dogs. I'd go for it
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