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Thread: Brandi!

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    How are your fishies doing??
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    They are actually doing pretty well! During our get together the other night, Jaxon snuck into our filing cabinet, got the container of fish food out and dumped at least half of it into the tank. I didn't even notice it until later that night The poor fish looked like they were about to die so we changed the tank out the next morning and they've been doing okay since then. I knew the overfeeding was bound to happen sooner or later He kept apologizing and saying he was just trying to help them eat because they were hungry before bedtime So, now we have the filing caibnet LOCKED with the fishfood inside He also managed to dump a staple remover thingy in the tank a few days before that. The fish looked very interested in it and luckily no one was hurt They are doing well though. None have died so far (knock on wood). We've still got the four guppies and the upside catfish that is constantly hiding inside the little pirate ship boat thingy in there.

    They've been much better pets than a puppy
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    good luck in the future with them too sweety!

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