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Thread: Fleas

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    So i took my dog to the vet for her heart worm test and I asked the vet what I could do because she is a complusive biter. When I give her a bath it gets worst b/c she has sensitive skin on top of the fleas. You know what she told me... Original Dawn is the best thing. It kills the fleas on contact and it is good for sensitive skin. Huh?! Whoda thunk it?! Just thought I would share for those of you with dogs.
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    Yeah, i was told that when my dog had fleas....they told me to water down the dawn...and now thinkin about what they actually said...its gonna be watered down anyway you are givin the dog a bath haha! What kinda dog you have? Good luck with the fleas!!!!
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    we wash my dog with oatmeal flea soap from petsmart/petco (can't remember which one)
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    WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL HAVE TO TRY! THANK YOU!
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    That is also how you can kill fleas in your house. Get a small pie pan and fill it up with water and few drops of dawn soap. place it in the middle of your floor with a desk lamp on it. (do this at night) turn off all the lights expect for the lamp. the fleas are attracted to the light. when they jump into the water, dawn makes them not able to jump anymore and will drown.
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    My dog is a mutt but that is all i will ever own. I have bought every oatmeal shampoo known to man and she still has reactions to them. I always get dog with skin issues.

    Another thing for killing fleas in the house is make a borox/salt mix. Sprinkle it on your carpet... let it set and vaccum it up. They are gone. You can do that to your lawn also (except the vacum part). We dont like using pesticides in our house... all organic here.
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    good to know-thank you!

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